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YPRT was established with a team of five people in 1997. Today, we have become a company with a professional and experienced team of 140 specialists that grows every year as a solution partner providing quality service in all the areas of the sector including construction, renovation, design, project management, production, and implementation. National and international corporations, which YPRT has collaborated with as a solution partner since its foundation, are its most important credentials. YPRT’s aim is to meet all the demands of its new business partners added its portfolio every year, and become their solution partner for years to come.

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YPRT  sources the best materials locally and from around the world, using the principle of value engineering at each stage.

All materials are then made ready at their meticulous off-site facilities.


Working with some of the finest craftsmen YPRT can supply projects with all elements required for interior fit-out, or separate packets of products, in its 6000 sqm factory in Istanbul.

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Whether you are remodeling, refurbishing, extending, or building from scratch, YPRT has teams that can take on projects internationally. YPRT takes pride to deliver projects on time, at good value, and great quality


We thrive on helping customers with more practical design solutions.

We want our customers to come back to us time and time again, so deliver work accordingly.

We aim to leave a legacy that we are proud of.

We lead by example when training the younger generations.

We work towards gaining the approval of our peers.
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Environmental Policy Statement

YAPIARTI recognizes its responsibility for environmental matters with regard to Company operations and range of services offered to customers. Accordingly, it operates a policy of continual improvement and change in line with developing knowledge and changing environmental requirements.
Although it can never be possible to detail fully the Company environmental activities, the following specific objectives form the basis of the Company Policy.

Company operations will be carried out with due regard to all appropriate and relevant Legislation and Regulatory considerations. These include but are not restricted to The Environmental Protection Act; Waste Management Regulations; Special Waste Regulations; Control of Pollution Act and Duty of Care Regulations.

The Company will take measures necessary to ensure that the collection, transportation, storage, recycling, reclamation, and disposal of waste associated with its activities do not become hazardous to public health or the environment. Controlled waste (i.e., general and special waste) will not be stockpiled or treated (including bonfires) at sites or premises without the appropriate Waste Management. License from the Environment Agency (Waste Management Regulations Section 33). Considerate Contractors guidelines will be followed on site as applicable in order to minimize disturbance to the local environment. The Company will only use disposal facilities where operational control and environmental compliance is deemed to be of a suitable level and represents responsible Waste Management.

The Company co-operates with, and assists to the best of its ability, officers of the Waste Regulatory Authorities in the exercise of their duties. The Company has a policy of compliance with the Codes of Practice and Guidance published by The National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors in the promotion of high environmental standards for the waste industry. The Company strives to derive positive benefits from the volumes of material which come under its control, which means that the issue of recycling, waste minimization, waste to energy and the most environmentally appropriate disposal options are continually assessed and reviewed.
The Environmental Policy of YAPIARTI is one of continual improvement and is subject therefore to frequent review and development. The Company’s continued environmental responsibility is judged by its ever-widening customer base and the public in general. Ultimate responsibility for its implementation rests with the undersigned.